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  • See recent blog post on this paper by ASQ Editor Henrich Greve.

  • Winner of the 2017 Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award (OMT Division, AOM)

  • Nominated for the William H. Newman Award for Best Paper Based on a Dissertation (AOM 2017)

  • Finalist for the Wiley Blackwell Award for Outstanding Dissertation Research Award (BPS Division, winner announced at AOM 2017)

  • Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (2017)

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works in progress

Rhee, E. & Harmon, D. Compensatory Reframing and Stock Market Reaction: A Case of Failed M&A Attempts.

Etchanchu, H. & Harmon, D. Rules of Engagement: A Dialogical Theory of Legitimation Crises and the French Shale Gas Debate.

Harmon, D. & Vaara, E. Bullshit: Legitimation in a Post-truth Society (writing stage; target: Academy of Management Review).

Harmon, D. Fedspeak and the Media: A Theory of Strategic Obfuscation (data analysis stage; target: Academy of Management Journal).